Visualize your project plans right in PowerPoint.

Create your high-level project plans as gantt charts with calendar support.

Project Plan for Powerpoint
Project Plan for Powerpoint

Have you ever tried building a project plan in PowerPoint on your own?

You need to present the status of your project in the next meeting? With our new PowerPoint add-in, creating gantt charts in PowerPoint has never been easier.

Quick results

Create a calendar-based gantt chart within a few minutes and save hours of manual work!

Easy to use

Project Plan is very straightforward to use and easy to learn.

Fully Intergrated

Project Plan is fully integreated in PowerPoint as add-in. If you share your project slide, other users are automatically prompted to load the add-in with just one click.

Synchronized Online Project Plans in PowerPoint

Your project plan in many slide decks?

Synchronized online plans automatically stay consistent on all your slide decks.

  • Avoid permanent copy&paste across all your slide decks.
  • Editing your plan in one presentation replicated to all other presentation files.
  • This feature will be released in October 2022!


Our Features

Gantt Charts

Create gantt charts to visualize your high level project plans and roadmaps directly in PowerPoint.

Calendar Support

Arrange your tasks using a calendar control, zoom in and out dynamically and mark weekend days out-of-the-box.

Dependency Management

Manage dependencies between tasks and milestones by easily dragging a line between two items.

Synchronized Project Plans

Coming soon! Convert a normal project plan into a synchronized plan which remains consistent on all slidedecks where it is inserted!

Task and Subtask Management

Manage tasks and group them in subtask and display them in a tree view. Visualize level of completion easily.


Create milestones and target dates for your project.

Color Coding

Color your tasks and milestones for additional grouping and to give your plan a nice design.

Data Privacy

Your project plan data remains solely inside your PowerPoint presentation. You do not even need a login!

PowerPoint Integration

Project plan is seamlessly integrated in Microsoft PowerPoint as add-in. This makes editing your project plans in PowerPoint easier than ever.

License Fees

Our Pricing


$0 / forever

  • Ideal for small projects
  • Create up to 7 project items
  • View large projects (read-only)

3 Months License

$39 / 3 months

  • All features
  • Subscription
  • Auto-Renewal
  • Cancellable any time
  • Highest flexibility

1 Year License

Best Price

$99 / year

  • All features
  • Subscription
  • Auto-Renewal
  • Cancellable any time



Need more than 50 licenses?

  • All features
  • Individual Conditions
  • Corporate Branding
  • Rollout Support

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